How to Protect Your Tesla Model 3’s Interior with the Right Floor Mats

You’ve invested in an incredible machine—the Tesla Model 3. As Tesla’s most affordable model, the entry-level luxury sedan pairs incredible performance with cutting-edge technology and minimalist design.

Now it’s time to protect that investment by outfitting your Model 3 with a set of tailored floor mats. With the right mats properly installed, you can defend your Tesla’s beautiful carpeted interior against everyday wear and tear. This in-depth guide covers how to select, install, and care for floor mats to keep your Model 3’s footwells looking pristine.


Benefits of using floor mats in your Tesla

High-quality, well-fitting floor mats provide valuable protection for your Model 3’s carpeted interior. Here are some of the top benefits mats offer:

  • Shield carpeting from dirt, mud, sand, snow and spills
  • Help carpets retain a clean, new appearance for longer
  • Reduce the need for frequent carpet shampooing and steam cleaning
  • Defend against damage from sand, rocks and moisture
  • Protect against UV damage from sunlight through windows
  • Make vacuuming quicker and easier
  • Hide day-to-day dirt and dusty footprints
  • Increase resale value by keeping carpets like new
  • Provide comfortable, stylish footing in the footwells
  • Custom logo mats allow owners to add unique branding

Investing in a set of tailored Tesla Model 3 mats is a simple upgrade that pays big dividends by extending your interior’s life.

Several details of Tesla 3 floor mat


Types of floor mats available for model 3

When shopping for Model 3 mats, you’ll encounter three main types:

All-weather rubber mats

  • Provide maximum protection from rain, snow, mud and spills
  • Made from durable thermoplastic or natural rubber
  • Deep ridges trap and contain messes
  • Waterproof and easy to clean by hosing off
  • Ideal for wet weather climates

Key benefits:

  • Guard against damage from moisture and salt
  • Preserve carpets by handling the abuse
  • Channel and contain any liquid spills
  • Stay secured with anti-slip features
  • Quick rinse cleaning keeps mats looking new

Carpeted floor mats

  • Soften footwells with plush woven carpet
  • Available in various colors and patterns
  • The thick construction is gentle on the feet
  • It helps reduce interior noise
  • Requires frequent vacuuming to keep clean
  • Provides less liquid protection than rubber

Key benefits:

  • Provides a luxurious look and feel
  • Warm and gentle on feet
  • Colors complement interior upholstery
  • It helps absorb sound and noise
  • Easier on knees when entering or exiting

Custom-logo floor mats

  • Feature custom text or logo designs
  • Made from rubber or carpet materials
  • Ideal for commercial fleets and branding
  • More expensive than standard mats
  • Logos can wear down over time

Key benefits:

  • Allows unique personalization
  • Useful for promoting brand awareness
  • Makes vehicles stand out in commercial fleet
  • Mats become moving advertisements
  • Creates a unified custom look


Key factors when selecting model 3 floor mats

Keep these important criteria in mind when choosing floor mats for your Tesla:

Intended use and climate

  • All-weather mats are best if you’ll drive through rain, snow, and mud often
  • Carpet mats make sense for dry, temperate climates
  • Consider your lifestyle and how you drive the Model 3

Coverage area

  • Mats should protect all footwells, front and rear
  • Some brands offer rear mats separately
  • Confirm mats fit properly without gaps

Fit, finish and attachment

  • Mats should contour correctly without sliding around
  • Avoid mats that gap, bunch up or require trimming
  • Look for a combination of anti-slip backing and fasteners

Design and materials

  • Opt for quality materials engineered to last
  • Mats with deep grooves, ridges and channels trap messes better
  • Make sure textures and colors complement your interior

Brand reputation and warranty

  • Stick with major brands known for durability and fit
  • Review ratings and comments from other Model 3 owners
  • Look for at least a 1-year limited warranty on mats

Tesla 3 floor mat: easy to clean, strong and durable, safe material


Recommended model 3 floor mats from top brands

Here are some top-rated floor mat options for the Model 3 from leading manufacturers:

TreadTech Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats

  • 3D-scanned for a flawless fit
  • Edges trap spills and debris
  • Tough XPE for all conditions
  • GripLock keeps mats in place
  • Stylish and easy to clean

WeatherTech FloorLiners

  • Digitally measured for a precise custom fit
  • Channels and containment walls capture messes
  • Made from durable, all-weather TPE material
  • Stay secured with molded mounts

3D MAXpider Mats

  • Custom-fit mats use LIDAR scanning data
  • Thermoplastic rubber provides all-weather protection
  • The unique ChannelMax design traps liquids and debris
  • Patented non-slip SpiderPlus underside

Tesla All-Weather Rubber Mats

  • Made by Tesla to perfectly fit the Model 3
  • Deep ridges contain moisture, mud and snow
  • Durable rubber construction
  • Effortless cleaning with soap and water

Tesla Carpeted Floor Mats

  • Luxurious woven velour carpet material
  • The range of colors complements Tesla’s interiors
  • Skid-resistant backing helps hold in position
  • Contoured for an ideal fit in all Model 3 footwells

What to look for:

  • Precision fit for your Model 3 year
  • Deep channels, grooves and ridges
  • Anti-slip backing or anchoring system
  • Durable, flexible materials
  • Positive owner reviews on fit
  • At least a 1-year limited warranty


Measuring your Model 3 floor prior to purchase

Before ordering aftermarket mats, it’s wise to take measurements of your Tesla floor area to ensure correct sizing and fit.

Supplies needed

  • Measuring tape
  • Pen and paper for noting measurements
  • A helper can make measuring easier

Steps to measure

  • Open all doors to access footwells.
  • Remove any existing mats from the vehicle.
  • Use a tape measure to gauge the length and width of each footwell.
  • Note down all measurements. Round up to the nearest inch.
  • Measure across any irregular areas, like seat mounts.
  • Also, gauge the overall vehicle width on the floor.
  • Compare your measurements against mat manufacturer sizes.
  • Order mats that provide full coverage without gaps.

Having your own floor dimensions helps verify that any custom or all-weather mats you purchase will offer a perfect fit. Avoid guessing, so mats protect the maximum floor area.


How to correctly install floor mats in your model 3

Once you receive your new mats, proper installation is crucial for functionality and safety.


  • Thoroughly clean factory floor carpets before installing mats.
  • Inspect mats for any manufacturing defects or damage.
  • Test-fit mats prior to first use and check for fit.

Front floor mats

  • For the driver’s side, the hook included anti-slip cleats over the floor mounts.
  • Confirm the mat does not restrict the movement of the pedals.
  • Make sure the mats are oriented correctly for each footwell.
  • Adjust placement to provide maximum floor coverage.

Rear floor mats

  • Position the rear mats flat in the back footwells.
  • Confirm mats lie flat without bunching up.
  • Avoid trapping any loose objects or debris under mats.

Final checks

  • Verify mats stay fixed in position and do not slide around.
  • Make sure mats do not bend up or overhang edges.
  • Do not trim non-custom mats unless absolutely required.
  • Reconfirm pedal operation is not impeded after installation.

Taking the time to correctly install your Model 3 floor mats ensures they’ll provide maximum protection. Check them regularly to make sure they remain properly positioned. Improperly secured mats are a hazard.


Caring for your Tesla floor mats

Use these floor mat care tips to maintain their appearance and extend their useful life:

Regular cleaning

  • Shake mats outdoors weekly to remove dirt and debris.
  • Use an all-purpose cleaner and a scrub brush monthly on all-weather mats.
  • Vacuum carpet mats weekly to lift dirt from the fibers.
  • Spot scrub stains on carpet mats quickly to avoid permanent sets.

Deep cleaning

  • Use a hose and mild soap to deep clean all-weather mats quarterly.
  • Professionally shampoo carpet mats every six months.
  • Steam cleans carpets if heavy soiling occurs.

Storage and transport

  • Always let mats fully air dry before reinstalling.
  • Use mat bags or rollout mats when storing or transporting.
  • Avoid sharply folding or creasing mats for compact storage.


  • Replace excessively worn, cracked, or deformed mats.
  • Swap single mats if severe localized damage occurs.
  • Consider new mats after 3+ years of use.

Properly caring for your Model 3 mats ensures they continuously provide the best protection and appearance over time.


Where to buy floor mats for the Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s official floor mats can be purchased through the company’s website or showrooms. But there are many other sources for quality third-party Tesla Model 3 floor mats:

  • Amazon: Huge selection of top brands with fast shipping and easy returns.
  • Manufacturer Websites: Buy directly from brands like WeatherTech, 3D MAXpider, and Tuxmat.
  • Auto Parts Stores: Shop retailers like AutoZone and Pep Boys for basic all-weather mats.
  • EV Accessory Stores: EVannex, RPM Tesla, EV Stuff, and more carry Tesla mats.
  • eBay: Find new and used OEM and aftermarket Tesla mats in auction listings.

When buying online, confirm the mat dimensions match your model year. Always buy from reputable sellers to avoid counterfeit products. Shop around for the best deals.


Professional model 3 interior detailing tips

To keep your Model 3 looking showroom new, consider periodic professional interior detailing in addition to using floor mats:

  • Carpet Shampoo: Deep cleans carpets and cloth upholstery, lifts stains
  • Leather Conditioning: Nourishes and protects leather seats
  • UV Protectants: Guard against sun damage on plastics and vinyl
  • Glass Polishing: Removes fine scratches and water spots on windows
  • Headliner Cleaning: Eliminates dust and dirt accumulation
  • Door Panel Cleaning: Wipes away grime buildup in crevices
  • Tire Dressing: Restores rich black finish on tire walls
  • Plastic Dressing: Brings dark black color back to trim pieces
  • Engine Bay Detailing: Wipes away accumulated dirt and grease

Professional detailing 3–4 times per year keeps every surface looking immaculate. Be sure to use a trusted Tesla-approved detailing shop.


How to remove stains from your Model 3 interior

Inevitably, life happens, and your Model 3’s interior gets stained. Here is how to tackle some common interior stains:

Coffee stains

  • Lightly dab with diluted vinegar using a microfiber cloth. Avoid soaking in the area.
  • Mix equal parts vinegar and water for an effective cleaning solution.

Grease and oil stains

  • Immediately use a paper towel to absorb excess oil.
  • Apply talcum powder to grease stains to absorb the oil.
  • Lightly dab with a degreaser or dry-cleaning solvent.

Red wine stains

  • Sprinkle salt liberally over the stains to absorb the wine.
  • Dab gently with a damp, warm cloth.
  • Use a vinegar and water mix or club soda if needed.

Mud and dirt stains

  • Allow dirt stains to fully dry first before cleaning.
  • Vacuum up dried dirt debris before scrubbing the area.
  • Use an all-purpose interior cleaner with a soft brush.
  • Rinse with clean water and dry completely.

Treat any interior stains as quickly as possible. Avoid aggressive scrubbing and use stain-specific cleaners. With prompt attention, most common stains can be removed without permanent damage.


Long-term maintenance for your Tesla interior

Practice these interior care habits to keep your Model 3’s cabin looking its best:

  • Park in the shade whenever possible to limit sun damage
  • Tint windows to provide UV protection
  • Keep an interior detail brush handy to whisk away dust
  • Frequently wipe down vinyl and leather with a damp microfiber cloth
  • Use a touch-up pen on scuffs and scratches to prevent rusting
  • Clean door jambs to avoid grime buildup
  • Apply leather conditioner every 2–3 months
  • Vacuum carpets and cloth seats regularly
  • Address stains and spills quickly to avoid permanent sets
  • Consider semi-annual professional detailing services

Properly maintaining your Tesla’s interior will help it look immaculate for years. Make interior care a regular habit.

Tesla 3 floor mat: green material


Is it worth getting a ceramic coating for the Model 3 interior?

Ceramic coatings have grown in popularity for protecting a vehicle’s exterior. But did you know ceramic treatments are also now available for interior surfaces? Here’s what an interior ceramic coating offers:


  • The hydrophobic layer repels liquid spills
  • Creates an easier-to-clean surface
  • Provides resistance to UV damage
  • It helps prevent staining on leather and vinyl
  • Can self-heal minor scratches over time
  • Allows spilled liquids to be easily wiped away
  • May help reduce odor retention
  • Provides multi-year protection when applied properly


  • High cost of $100 – $300+ for application
  • Requires precise application by a skilled detailer
  • Effectiveness varies based on the product used

For owners wanting next-level interior defense, a professionally applied ceramic coating provides durable protection. But quality applications don’t come cheap. For most owners, diligent cleaning is sufficient.


Key takeaways on protecting your Model 3 interior

Here are the essential tips on choosing, installing, and maintaining floor mats to keep your Tesla Model 3’s footwells immaculate:

  • Invest in quality, custom-fit mats designed for your Model 3
  • All-weather rubber mats provide the best protection overall
  • Confirm mats don’t interfere with pedals or safety
  • Take floor measurements for an exact mat fit
  • Routinely shake out and clean mats to stop the buildup
  • Check mats stay secured using anti-slip features
  • Replace overly worn or damaged mats when needed
  • Well-cared-for mats defend against long-term wear and stains

Give your Tesla’s interior the protection it deserves with a tailored set of floor mats you’ll enjoy for years of driving. With the right mats properly installed and maintained, your Model 3’s carpeting will withstand everyday use and continue to look showroom new.



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