The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Floor Mats for Your Tesla Model 3

Your Tesla Model 3 is an investment that deserves proper care and protection. High-quality floor mats are an essential accessory that helps keep your Tesla’s interior clean and looking its best.

With the wide variety of floor mat options available, it can be tricky to determine which mats are right for you and your Model 3. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know to choose the perfect set of Model 3 floor mats.


Types of Tesla Model 3 floor mats

There are three main types of floor mats designed for the Tesla Model 3:

All-weather mats

All-weather mats are made from durable, flexible rubber or thermoplastic materials. They feature deep channels and ridges to trap water, mud, sand and snow.

All-weather mats provide the best protection for your Tesla’s carpeting against the elements. They are waterproof and easy to clean by just hosing them off. All-weather mats are a great choice for Tesla owners in areas with inclement weather.

Popular brands for Model 3 all-weather mats include 3D MAXpider, Tesla, and WeatherTech.

Benefits of all-weather mats:

  • Provide maximum protection from rain, snow, mud, sand, and spills
  • Made of durable rubber or thermoplastic materials
  • Deep ridges and channels trap and contain messes
  • It is completely waterproof and easy to clean with just a hose
  • Ideal for wet, muddy, or winter weather conditions
  • Help prevent permanent stains on carpeting
  • Long-lasting construction withstands years of use
  • They come in a basic black color to match any interior

Potential drawbacks:

  • Limited color and style options
  • It can look utilitarian or plain inside the cabin
  • Not as soft underfoot as carpet mats

Add a beautiful floor mat to the Tesla 3 interior

Carpeted mats

Carpeted mats give your Model 3 a luxurious look and feel while also protecting your carpets. Made from thick woven carpet, they come in a variety of colors to match or accent your Tesla’s interior. Carpet mats are constructed with sturdy backings to prevent sliding.

Many owners opt for carpet mats to enhance the elegance of their Tesla’s footwells. However, they require more maintenance than all-weather mats. Brands such as Tesla and EVannex offer custom-fit carpet mats for the Model 3.

Advantages of carpet mats:

  • Provide a soft, luxurious feel underfoot
  • Available in a wide range of colors to match the interior
  • Thick woven construction is gentle on the feet
  • It helps reduce interior noise
  • A stylish way to protect underlying carpets
  • Custom-fit designs hug the contours of footwells
  • Match the elegant aesthetics of the Model 3

Potential cons:

  • Require frequent vacuuming to keep clean
  • Can show stains, footprints, and wear over time
  • Not waterproof like all-weather mats
  • Needs occasional deeper cleaning
  • Limited protection against heavy snow and mud

Custom logo mats

Custom logo mats allow you to add a personalized touch to your Model 3’s interior. These mats are made from all-weather rubber or carpet materials and feature your choice of custom text or logo.

Custom logo mats are ideal for businesses wanting to brand their Tesla fleet vehicles. Brands offering custom Model 3 mats include EVannex and

Benefits of custom logo mats:

  • Allow unique personalization with custom text or logos
  • Made from durable all-weather or plush carpet materials
  • Waterproof and easy-to-clean rubber logo mats
  • Perfect for commercial Tesla fleet vehicles
  • Create a unified branded look
  • Useful for promotional giveaways and events
  • Options for one or multi-color logos and designs

Potential limitations:

  • Added cost for customization and small-batch orders
  • Limited color options for mat backgrounds
  • Logos can wear over time with heavy use
  • Not as plush and luxurious as standard carpet mats


Key considerations for choosing Tesla Model 3 floor mats

Keep the following factors in mind when selecting the best Model 3 floor mats for your needs:


All-weather mats are best for areas with heavy rain, snow or mud. Their waterproof materials and deep channels keep moisture contained. Carpet mats make more sense for dry, temperate climates since they absorb liquids and are harder to clean.


All-weather mats can be sprayed clean with a hose or wiped down with soap and water. Carpet mats require regular vacuuming to lift dirt and debris. They also occasionally need steam cleaning or deeper treatments to remove stains.

Interior style

Carpet mats come in more color choices to match interior upholstery or provide a contrasting accent hue. They provide a luxurious look and feel. All-weather mats only come in limited utilitarian colors like black. Custom logo mats allow full personalization but can look busier.


All-weather mats start around $200 for a set. Carpet mats range from $250 up depending on materials and quality. Custom logo mats vary in cost from $200-$500+ based on the complexity of the design and quantity ordered.

Coverage Area

Mats should protect all footwells and cover necessary floor spaces. Front and rear floor mats are essential. Extra mats for the trunk or trunk provide additional protection.


An exact, custom fit is crucial so mats don’t shift around or require trimming. The mat shape should match the Model 3’s contours without gapping or bunching. Attachment systems using factory mounting points keep mats secured firmly in position.

Attachment method

Mats stay in place best using a combination of anti-skid backing, cleats, fasteners, and the factory mounting points built into the Model 3’s floor. This prevents mats from sliding around under your feet, coming unhooked, or allowing spills underneath.

Passenger safety

Floor mats should not interfere with the proper operation of pedals or entrap objects underneath that block pedal movement. Confirm mats are designed to comply with safety requirements for your particular Tesla model and year. Properly installed mats from reputable brands are engineered not to impede driving controls.

Easy-to-clean floor mat for Tesla 3


Top recommended floor mats for Tesla Model 3

Based on Tesla owner reviews and product quality, these floor mats stand out as the best options for your Model 3:

1. TreadTech Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats:

  • Engineered from premium XPE material for ultimate interior protection
  • Precision-cut using 3D scanning technology for a flawless fit
  • Innovative design that combines aesthetic appeal with functionality
  • Effortless cleaning with just a simple rinse and dry
  • Comprehensive coverage that safeguards every inch of your vehicle’s floor
  • Eco-friendly construction that ensures a healthier, odor-free environment

Ideal For: Tesla Model 3 owners who demand the best in vehicle floor protection. TreadTech mats offer unparalleled cleanliness, perfect fit, and eco-conscious peace of mind. Whether you’re navigating city streets or exploring rugged terrains, these mats maintain your car’s luxury and cleanliness.

2. 3D MAXpider All-Weather Mats

  • Made from advanced thermoplastic rubber for superior protection
  • ChannelMax designs traps and contains liquid and debris
  • Custom-fit for perfect, non-slip installation
  • Easy maintenance by hosing off
  • Protects all footwells

Ideal For: Tesla owners wanting the best footwell protection against the elements in wet weather climates. Provides unbeatable coverage and easy cleaning.

3. Tesla All-Weather Mats

  • Designed by Tesla to seamlessly fit the Model 3
  • Deep ridges and raised edges contain messes
  • Made from durable, flexible rubber
  • Cleans easily with soap and water
  • Provides optimal coverage and foot comfort

Best For: Model 3 owners seeking a factory-engineered mat for maximum coverage. Unrivaled fit with lasting quality from the Tesla brand.

4. Tesla Carpet Mats

  • Made from high-quality woven carpet
  • Matches Tesla’s interior upholstery options
  • Skid-resistant backing keeps mats secure
  • Adds luxury look and feel to footwells
  • Perfect fit for all footwell areas

Top Pick For: Those wanting to add elegance and a refined look to their footwells. The ideal accessory for Model 3s with cream or white interiors.

5. EVannex Custom Logo Floor Mats

  • Constructed from long-lasting all-weather rubber
  • Can include custom text or full-color logos
  • Cleans up easily with sprayed water
  • Won’t slide around or lift up
  • Ideal for commercial and promotional use

Best For: Businesses, commercial fleets, and anyone wanting a uniquely personalized floor mat. Ideal for branding company vehicles.


Steps for properly installing Tesla Model 3 floor mats

Once you’ve chosen the optimal floor mats for your Model 3, proper installation is key to maximizing their effectiveness. Here are the basic steps for securely installing your new Tesla mats:

  • Clean factory floor carpeting thoroughly before installing mats, removing any stuck-on debris or stains.
  • Check that the driver’s side mat does not interfere with pedal operation by sliding your feet across the pedals with the mat in place.
  • Position each mat in the proper footwell area and press down firmly so attachments take hold in factory mounting points.
  • For front mats, the hook included anti-slip cleats over floor protrusions at the base of the driver and passenger seats.
  • Adjust mat placement as needed so that mats fully cover footwell carpeting and match the contours of the Model 3’s floor.
  • Make sure mats lie flat with no parts raised or overlapping. Avoid trapping objects underneath.
  • Confirm mats stay fixed securely in position and do not slide around underfoot pressure.
  • For non-custom mats, check that no trimming is required to properly fit your Model 3. Only trim if essential.
  • Shake mats to dislodge any loose dirt or debris before reinstalling after removal for cleaning.

Following these installation steps carefully will ensure your Model 3 mats provide maximum protection and safety. Check mats periodically to keep them properly positioned. Now enjoy your newly enhanced Tesla footwells!


Keeping your model 3 floor mats looking like new

To maximize the lifespan of your Tesla’s floor mats and keep your car looking great, be sure to follow these care and cleaning tips:

  • For all-weather mats, rinse with water and clean with an all-purpose cleaner or degreaser when dirt builds up. Scrub gently with a brush.
  • Vacuum carpet mats frequently to lift dirt. Spot clean stains immediately with a carpet cleaner.
  • Use a mild soap and water solution or an all-purpose cleaner for periodic deep cleaning of mats.
  • When cleaning mats, always let them fully air dry before reinstalling them to prevent mildew and odor buildup.
  • Check the undersides of mats for trapped debris that may scratch Tesla’s flooring. Shake out mats periodically.
  • Consider removing mats seasonally to clean carpeting underneath and let floors breathe.
  • If mats develop creases or waves, try spot-gluing problem areas or use a household iron on low heat.
  • Protect mats during transport after removal by rolling up or covering them to avoid picks and snags.
  • Replace heavily worn, deformed, or damaged mats that are beyond rejuvenation.

Properly maintaining your Model 3’s floor mats will keep them looking like new and able to stand up to years of use. Protect your investment by following these cleaning and care tips.

Floor mat that fits the driver's seat of Tesla 3


Where to buy custom Tesla Model 3 floor mats

Beyond the standard mat offerings from brands like Tesla and WeatherTech, there are many companies that create custom-fit floor mats specifically for the Model 3. Here are some top vendors to check out for custom-designed Tesla mats:

EVannex Offers the widest selection of custom-fit all-weather and carpet mats featuring custom text or logo. Choices for mat colors and materials used. Logos can have up to four colors.

MyEV Provides colorful custom logo mats in either carpet or rubber materials. Numerous background colors are available with multi-color logo imprinting.

TopFit Features dense custom-molded mats made to contour perfectly in Model 3 footwells. Mats have anti-slip foam backing and raised edges.

Hide & Drink – Laser measured for a precision fit. Made from durable performance materials with an anti-skid bottom. Custom logo mats are available.

SMARTLINER Digitally measured mats made with environmentally friendly TPE rubber with anti-slip treatment applied. 100% waterproof.

TuxMats Molded mats with extreme channeling for liquid retention. Can include custom logo designs with multiple color options.

So explore a custom design to give your Model 3 a unique look while protecting the interior. There are many vendors with quality custom mats to elevate your ride.


Model 3 floor mats can save your carpeting

In your Tesla Model 3, the flooring takes quite a beating from shoes, spills, weather, and simple wear and tear. Without protective mats, carpeting can become prematurely dirty, stained and worn down – degrading your car’s appearance faster. High-quality floor mats are an investment that will help keep the carpeting looking new for much longer.

Benefits of protecting your carpeting with mats:

  • Prevent permanent stains from muddy shoes, snow, and spills
  • Help carpeting retain a clean, fresh, like-new appearance
  • Reduce the need for shampooing and steam cleaning the interior
  • Lessen wear on carpeting fibers in high-traffic areas
  • Stop damage from sand, rocks and moisture that erodes carpeting
  • Defend against UV damage from sunlight streaming into windows
  • Hide day-to-day dirt accumulation and dusty footprints
  • Increase resale value by keeping carpeting damage-free

So take the time to get the right set of long-lasting all-weather or plush carpet floor mats. It’s a simple upgrade that can help keep your Model 3’s interior looking immaculate and protect your investment in the car.


Final thoughts on outfitting your Tesla Model 3 with floor mats

Upgrading your Tesla with a quality set of floor mats specially designed for the Model 3 is a smart investment. Mats protect your footwell carpeting, enhance the interior’s aesthetics, and provide comfort underfoot.

Consider your climate, driving conditions, personal style preferences, and whether you want a custom logo when selecting mats to find the best fit.

Properly installed mats that don’t impede pedals or shift around while driving are essential for safety. Well-fitted rubber or carpet mats contain messes, reduce noise, and give your Tesla an upscale look. Follow the care guidelines provided to keep mats looking their best for years.

Outfit your Model 3 with protective floor mats so you can confidently transport passengers, drive in bad weather, or pursue outdoor adventures while still maintaining the Tesla’s beautiful interior.

High-performance mats safeguard your carpeting for the long run. Find the perfect fit for your lifestyle from the many quality Tesla Model 3 floor mat options on the market today.



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