Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats: Official vs. Third-Party Options Compared

If you recently became the proud owner of the new Tesla Model 3, congratulations! You now have in your possession one of the most technologically advanced electric vehicles ever produced.

As a luxury EV, even the base Model 3 has beautiful, minimalist styling inside and out. Now it’s time to accessorize and protect your investment with a set of tailored floor mats.

You have two main options: buy the official Tesla-branded mats or choose from the many third-party companies also making Model 3 mats. This comprehensive guide examines the key differences between OEM and aftermarket floor mats to help you determine which is better for your needs.


Overview of Tesla’s Model 3 floor mats

Tesla offers both all-weather and carpeted floor mats specifically designed for the Model 3’s interior dimensions. Here’s an overview of their mat offerings:

All-weather mats

  • Made of durable, flexible rubber
  • Feature deep ridges to trap water, snow and mud
  • Built-in fasteners keep mats secured in footwells
  • Easy to clean by hosing off or wiping down
  • Provide full coverage of footwell areas

Carpeted mats

  • Made from premium-woven velour carpet
  • Custom-shaped to fit Model 3 floor contours
  • Skid-resistant backing keeps mats in place
  • The range of colors matches Tesla’s interior choices
  • Give the interior a refined, upscale look

Price range

  • All-weather mats: $200
  • Carpeted mats: $250
  • Only sold as full front/rear set, no individual mats

Benefits of Tesla’s mats

  • Perfectly contoured fit for Model 3
  • Stay firmly secured while driving
  • Deep channels trap water, mud, snow, and debris
  • Simple cleaning by hosing off or vacuuming
  • Tesla’s precision engineering ensures quality
  • Cover and protect all footwell areas
  • Matches interior colors and upholstery

Potential drawbacks

  • Limited color and material options
  • Only available as a complete set
  • No ability to customize logos
  • Rubber mats can look plain and utilitarian

Perfectly cut Tesla 3 floor mat


Overview of aftermarket model 3 floor mats

In addition to Tesla’s mats, there are now dozens of aftermarket companies making custom-fit floor mats for the Model 3. Here’s a look at what third-party vendors offer:


  • All-weather rubber
  • Carpet in a wide range of colors/patterns
  • TPE (thermoplastic elastomers)
  • Laser measured for precision fit


  • Deep channels, ridges and grooves
  • Custom logos, text or designs
  • Anti-slip foam or rubber backing
  • Race car-inspired tread patterns
  • UV and stain-resistant coatings

Price range

  • All-weather: $180 – $250
  • Carpet: $200 – $300
  • Custom logo: $250 – $500

Purchase options

  • Front-only or full sets
  • Individual rear mats are available
  • Mix-and-match materials allowed

Benefits of aftermarket mats

  • More style and color options
  • You can buy only front or rear mats
  • Custom logo ability for personalization
  • Unique modern textures and patterns
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Competitively priced with Tesla mats

Potential limitations

  • Fit not engineered specifically for Model 3
  • Questionable long-term durability for some brands
  • Limited warranty periods compared to Tesla


Comparing Tesla vs. third-party model 3 floor mats

Now let’s dive into the key factors to weigh when deciding between factory and aftermarket floor mats for your Model 3:


Tesla mats: Engineered for a perfect fit. Contours and anchors match Tesla mounting points.

Aftermarket mats: Most are also custom-fitted for the Model 3 but may have small gaps or need trimming.


Tesla mats: Quality all-weather rubber and woven carpet options.

Aftermarket mats: Wider range of materials – unique TPE, laser measured, eco-friendly.


Tesla mats: Limited colors for carpet mats. All weather only in black. Clean, minimalist design.

Aftermarket mats: Many colors, patterns, and textures are available. Custom logo ability. Trendy racing looks.


Tesla mats: Provide full footwell coverage front and rear.

Aftermarket mats: Many offer front-only or individual rear mats. Less coverage.


Tesla mats: Durable materials that withstand years of wear.

Aftermarket mats: Vary in long-term durability. Most high-quality brands prove very durable.


Tesla mats: $200 for all-weather, $250 for carpeted.

Aftermarket mats: Wide range starting around $180. Higher for custom logos or premium materials.


Tesla mats: Only available directly from the Tesla website or showrooms.

Aftermarket mats: Widely available online from Amazon, manufacturer sites, and EV shops.


Tesla mats: Covered under Tesla’s 4-year/50,000-mile limited warranty.

Aftermarket mats: Varying warranties from 1 year to lifetime guarantee.

Resale value

Tesla mats: May positively impact the resale value of the car.

Aftermarket mats: Custom logo mats won’t add value for a future buyer.


Top-recommended aftermarket model 3 floor mats

Based on consumer reviews and product quality, here are 5 aftermarket options worth considering for your Model 3:

TreadTech Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats:

  • XPE material deflects liquids and debris.
  • 3D-scanned for a perfect fit.
  • GripLock technology prevents shifting.
  • Durable in all weather conditions.
  • Sleek design complements interiors.
  • Eco-friendly and easy to clean.

3D MAXpider Mats

  • Thermoplastic rubber channels liquids away
  • Custom-fit using LIDAR scan data
  • Patented SpiderPlus non-slip backing
  • All-weather protection

WeatherTech Mats

  • Precisely digitally measured
  • Channels trap water, mud, and snow
  • Made from proprietary TPE material
  • Textured anti-slip surface

Tuxmat Mats

  • Extreme channeling captures maximum liquid
  • High-wall design for extra protection
  • Tough thermoplastic rubber construction
  • Custom Tesla Model 3 fit

EVannex Mats

  • Choose carpet or rubber materials
  • Custom cuts to fit every contour
  • Can include colorful custom logo
  • Non-slip nibs keep firmly in place

What to look for:

When evaluating aftermarket mat options, look for:

  • Materials engineered for durability
  • Non-slip backing or anchoring system
  • Channel, ridge and groove designs
  • Positive customer reviews on fit
  • At least a 1-year limited warranty
  • Competitive pricing vs. Tesla mats
  • Easy online ordering and shipping

Comfortable Tesla 3 floor mat


Key takeaways: Tesla vs. aftermarket floor mats

Here are some of the main considerations when weighing the official Tesla mats against the growing range of custom aftermarket options:

  • For a perfect fit, Tesla’s factory mats can’t be beat
  • Aftermarket mats offer more style and color choices
  • Third-party mats provide more purchase flexibility
  • Tesla mats are competitively priced vs. aftermarket brands
  • Many high-quality aftermarket brands prove to be very durable
  • The limited warranty is longer on Tesla mats (4 years)
  • Consider coverage area needed—front-only or full-set
  • Custom logo ability is only available from aftermarket vendors

So choose based on your budget, style preferences, warranty importance, and required coverage areas. Tesla’s mats provide assurance of precision engineering and fit.

But third-party mats give you far more material, color and even logo options. Evaluate all factors to select the best Model 3 floor mats to protect your EV’s interior while making a style statement. Your Tesla deserves the finest!


Helpful tips for installing Tesla Model 3 floor mats

Once you select the perfect set of Model 3 floor mats, make sure you properly install them to maximize performance and safety:

  • Thoroughly clean factory carpeting before placing mats
  • Check for any buckled or bunched areas under mats
  • Avoid trapping loose objects or debris under mats
  • For front mats, attach included anti-slip cleats as directed
  • Confirm mats don’t interfere with pedal function
  • Adjust mat placement to provide full floor coverage
  • Verify mats stay fixed securely and don’t slide
  • Don’t trim non-custom mats unless absolutely necessary
  • Periodically recheck mats remain properly positioned

Taking the time to correctly install factory or custom-fit mats ensures they’ll provide the best footing and interior protection over years of use. Improperly secured mats can slide and become a dangerous safety hazard.


Helpful cleaning tips for Tesla floor mats

To maximize the lifespan of your Tesla floor mats, be sure to clean and care for them properly:

For rubber all-weather mats:

  • Remove mats and wash with soap and water monthly
  • Rinse thoroughly with a hose and allow it to fully air dry
  • Scrub with brush to dislodge trapped dirt and debris
  • Wipe down with an all-purpose cleaner or degreaser if needed

For carpeted mats:

  • Vacuum weekly to lift dirt from woven fibers
  • Spot clean spills right away to avoid stains
  • Shampoo with carpet cleaner every 6 months
  • Consider occasional professional deep cleaning
  • Replace padding if it becomes compressed or worn

For both types:

  • Check and shake out the underside for debris
  • Use protective mat bags during transport or storage
  • Replace mats if badly deformed, worn or cracked

Proper cleaning and care will keep your Model 3’s mats looking like new for years while protecting your Tesla’s interior.


Where to buy aftermarket Tesla Model 3 floor mats

Tesla’s official mats can only be purchased directly from their website or showrooms. But aftermarket mats can be found at:

  • Amazon: Wide selection of custom Tesla mats from brands like 3D Maxpider, Tuxmat and more. Benefits include fast shipping and easy returns.
  • Manufacturer Websites: Companies like WeatherTech, EVannex, and TeslaTapete sell directly. Custom logo ability.
  • EV Accessory Stores: Sites like EV Advanced, RPM Tesla, and EV Stuff specialize in Tesla aftermarket products.
  • Auto Parts Stores: Retailers like AutoZone, Pep Boys, and Canadian Tire may carry all-weather mat options.
  • eBay Motors: New and used Tesla mats can be found at auction by individual sellers.

When purchasing aftermarket mats, be sure to buy from reputable brands with positive customer reviews. Beware of counterfeit mats that don’t fit properly. The many online retailers make it easy to shop around, compare options and prices and have mats shipped directly to your door.


Key differences between front and rear Tesla Model 3 floor mats

Many people only consider front-row mats for their Tesla Model 3. But equipping the rear footwells with mats provides complete interior protection. Here are the key differences between the front and rear Model 3 mats:

Front mats

  • Require anti-slip cleats for safety
  • Must not interfere with pedal operation
  • Experience heavier wear from frequent use
  • Offered in both carpet and all-weather materials
  • Require precise fit around seat mounts

Rear mats

  • Don’t need special anchoring
  • Experience less daily wear and soiling
  • Custom-fit is less crucial
  • Often only come in basic all-weather
  • Can be flexible about placement

Full set benefits:

  • While you can opt for front mats only, there are advantages to buying a complete set:
  • Protects all Model 3 interior carpeting
  • Looks uniform and complete
  • No scrambling if rear passengers are dirty or stained mats
  • Often more economical to buy as a package

But ultimately the choice comes down to your personal needs and budget. For many owners, a quality set of front-row Tesla Model 3 mats provides adequate protection.

Very fitting Tesla 3 floor mat


Should you buy Tesla Model 3 floor mats?

To save money, some owners consider buying used Tesla floor mats. Used mats can be found at online auctions or classified ads for $50-150. But there are risks to buying used mats, including:

  • Existing wear and stains from previous use
  • Odors embedded in used carpet mats
  • Aftermarket mats may not be designed for your specific Model 3-year
  • No way to verify brand or material quality
  • Won’t have the perfect fit of new custom mats
  • Missing cleats or anchors for securing mats
  • Lack of warranty protection

The upsides of new mats:

  • Arrive in pristine condition
  • Specifically engineered for your Model 3 year
  • Often carry a 1+ year limited warranty
  • Benefit from the latest designs and materials
  • Ability to select the exact colors and features you want
  • Peace of mind knowing mats will perform as promised

While used OEM Tesla mats may be worth considering, used third-party mats often don’t fit properly. For such an important accessory, most owners are best served investing in a new set of floor mats tailored for their Model 3.


Final thoughts on floor mats for the Tesla Model 3

Outfitting your Model 3 with a tailored set of floor mats is a smart idea to protect the carpet while adding style. Tesla’s factory mats provide an exact fit while aftermarket brands offer more colors, materials, coverage and even custom logo ability. Review different vendor offerings, prices and warranties.

For maximum footwell protection from the elements, opt for all-weather rubber mats. To enhance the refined interior ambiance, choose luxuriously soft carpet mats.

Either way, treat your EV to mats designed specifically to hug every contour of the Model 3 floors. Your new Tesla deserves the very best floor mats!



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